Fokus på Amarna

Fokus på Amarna, edited by Lise Manniche and Bo Dahl Hermansen (in Danish), takes the reader through the universe of Akhenaten and Nefertiti some 3500 years ago.

00 Introduction
Bo Dahl Hermansen and Lise Manniche

01 Diplomacy and international relations
Bo Dahl Hermansen

02 Internal affairs
Kim Ryholt

03 The religion of Akhenaten
Rune Nyord

04 Death in Akhetaten
Rune Nyord

05 The art of Akhenaten
Lise Manniche

06 Akhetaten: a planned city
Tine Bagh

07 Officials
Mette Gregersen

08 Beer, wine and jar-dockets
Annette Lerstrup

09 Musical dialogue
Lise Manniche

10 Akhenaten, Moses and the modern debate on monotheism
Paul John Frandsen

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