City of the Dead

city of the dead
The tombs at Thebes are among the most fascinating monuments from ancient Egypt. This book concerns the tombs of high officials buried in the cliffs opposite modern Luxor.The author has lived for long periods in the area and has also made a thourough study of the rediscovery of the tombs in the 18th and 19th centuries based on records in the British Library and elsewhere

Thebes West: City of the Dead
The beginning
The Eighteenth dynasty
The Ramessid tombs
The Late Period and the end
Modern times

Numerous photographs by the author and drawings from facsimile copies by the early travellers to Egypt.

City of the Dead. Thebes in Egypt
150 sider, ills.
British Museum Publications, London 1987
(out of print)
Paperback edition:
The Tombs of the Nobles at Luxor
American University in Cairo Press 1988, 1989
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