The lion and the mouse

A tale translated from a papyrus scroll written down by an Egyptian scribe around the 2nd century AD in a script known as Demotic.

The story is most commonly known in the version by Aesop, who lived in Greece in the 7th-6th centuries BC and another by Lafontaine in the 17th century AD. Animal fables had existed in Egypt long before Aesop, and the core of the story presented here probably goes back much further than the manuscript. This version introduces MAN as the great evil-doer.

The drawings were made by the author, based on paintings and reliefs more than 3000 years old.

The lion and the mouse
26 pp, ills.
British Museum Publications 1984

Danish edition:
Løven og musen
Forum 1984

Swedish edition:
Lejonet och musen
Carlsen if 1984

Japanese edition:
Iwanami Shoten Publishers 1984