Sexual Life in Ancient Egypt

An unusual book on the sexual fantasies of the ancient Egyptians.

The attitude of the Egyptians to sex
Concubines and adultery
Intercourse with animals
The erotic language in words and pictures
and a selction of erotic texts

In their writings, the Egyptians were quite straightforward, whereas their official art was far more discreet and often disguised in symbolic language. Drawings and figurines, however, are pornographic and humoristic. Ilustrations in the book include figurines held in the British Museum which have not previously been published.

Ancient Egyptian Sexual Life
128 pp, ills.
Kegan Paul International, London/New York 1987, repr. paperback 1998

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Spanish edition:
La esfinge erotica
Laia, Barcelona 1988

Portuguese edition:
A vida sexual no Antigo Egito
Serie Logoteca
Imago, Rio de Janeiro1990