An Ancient Egyptian Herbal

A reconstructed herbal from ancient Egypt, based on papyrus scrolls and other inscriptions up to 3500 years old.

The Egyptian garden
Bouquets, garlands and collars
About the home
In the kitchen
The Herbal
Identifying Egyptian plants
The Egyptian plant names quoted by Dioscorides

The book includes prescriptions for health and beauty and a substantial catalogue of vegetable raw materials at the disposal of the ancient Egyptians.Some recipes may be tried out at home, although some ingredients remain unidentified or are not easily available. The Egyptians themselves, and the Greeks who learnt many of their skills from Egyptian connections, often substituted one ingredient for another.

An Ancient Egyptian Herbal
172 pp, ills.
British Museum Publications 1989, 2nd revised edition 1999,
3rd revised edition 2006.

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Arabic edition:
Maktabet Madbuli , Cairo 1993

Japanese edition